Керамическое панно "Венеция"


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автор: Елена Григорьян; техника: керамика, глазури, раку; год: 2015; цена: 125 000 тенге;
365 USD

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Автор Елена Григорьян


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  • Noel Francisco’s argument is utter hogwash. Has everyone forgotten that the SUPREME COURT is the arbiter of what is constitutional and what is unconstitutional? The president has not the power nor the authority to unilaterally declare something unconstitional. It would be helpful if Francisco could point out where in the Constitution or Supreme Court precedent he thinks it is stated that the President has this &#8n&0;pha2tom2#8221; power. What the hell is Francisco smoking?I was missing this piece of the puzzle throughout the entire show until Lawrence Tribe finally got around to it at the end.
    Добавил(а) Keisha , 02.07.2016 12:39 | Оценка: 4

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